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Does CBD Oil Have THC in It?

   Having recently become legal in many states throughout the U.S., CBD has gotten a lot of people talking. Many people are curious to try it out now that they are free to do so, but they still have a lot of questions regarding it. One of the most popular questions people have is: Does CBD contain THC? Technically, yes, CBD oils and products do contain THC, but the answer is a lot more complex than that.
    When making CBD oils, producers often look for a strain of hemp that is already low in THC and higher in CBD. By going through this selection process, most of the THC in the hemp is already filtered out, but despite all the efforts, a little THC will still be present. After the hemp is selected and grown and goes in for processing, it will further be reduced of any CBD.
    There are many different methods for extracting the oils from the hemp plant. The most popular method however, is what is known as the CO2 extraction. This method of extraction ensures the most safety for consumption, as well as the most pure and potent form of CBD as result. Through this method, carbon dioxide is used to separate the oil from other naturally occurring plant matter.
   After the oil has been isolated, it is then run through a series of filters and chambers using very low temperatures, but with high pressure. The result is a pure oil, that is of medicinal quality, as most of the THC has been eliminated. Even though the process gets rid of the vast majority of THC from the strain of hemp that is used for the CBD oil, it may contain trace amounts of THC, but usually under .3%. It’s an amount so low that you couldn’t possibly feel any sort of psychoactive high from it, but it could, however, still show up on a drug test. 
It is believed that CBD works best when it is used by itself and not in combination with THC. Medicinal strains of hemp and products for treating medical conditions will for the most part be THC-free or very low in THC as result. You can also look for what is known as CBD isolate, which would give you a 0% THC CBD oil. CBD isolate can give you many of the benefits of traditional CBD oil, but in order to arrive at such a pure and isolated form of CBD, many of the other cannabinoids and terpenes are killed off in the process. Many say that this takes some of its potency away, as all the other components of hemp are supposed to work in harmony with each other.
All in all, CBD oil does contain THC, but generally in very small amounts – like trace amounts under .3%. So if you’re interested in trying out CBD oil, you’ve got nothing to be afraid of! You can even buy CBD online to insure the utmost discretion and ease.